Essential Aussie Drugs (A7 – Pocket)

2nd Edition!

Essential Drug Notes (A7 – Pocket)

2nd Edition!

Essential Aussie Drugs (A7 – Pocket) 2e

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Desktop Front

Bigger Book – Essential Aussie Drugs

(2nd ed. Desktop – A5 – Not pocket)

Human Biology Puzzles

Human Biology Terminology Puzzles

Trouble with learning terminology?

Look no further!

Essential Aussie Drugs:

A not so little pocket book of common Aussie drug facts

(Desktop version – A5 size)

1st Edition!

Reference Cards:  8 card set:

(+ clip) 

Reference Cards:  5 card set:

(+ clip) 

Reference Cards:  2 card set: ECG

Reference Cards - Single

Reference Card:  Handover


Reference Card:  Medication 1

Calculations & Drip rates

Reference Card: Medication 2

Drug rights & IV Fluids

Reference Card:  Respiratory

Oxygen & position

Reference Card:  Assessment 1

Primary & Secondary Survey

Reference Card:  Assessment 2

Acute deterioration

Reference Card:  ECG 1

Rate ruler & Common rhythms

Reference Card:  ECG 2

Lead combinations & Bundle branch block


7 Poster set

7 Poster set

Antibiotics Poster

Antibiotics Poster – A3

Bisphosphonates Poster

Bisphosphonates Poster-A3

Diuretics poster

Diuretics Poster – A3

Laxatives Poster - A3

Laxatives Poster – A3

NSAIDs Poster

NSAIDs Poster

Urinary continence drugs

Urinary continence drugs Poster – A3

Antiplatelet medication poster

Antiplatelet medication poster


Continence 7 Poster Set – A3


Autonomic Nervous System Poster – A3

Receptors, drugs A3

Receptors, Drugs & Continence Poster – A3

Autonomic Dysreflexia Poster – A3