Affordable Basics – Watch, Stethoscope, Sphygmo & Case


Affordable Basics:

What’s in this kit?

  • Analogue fob watch with critical seconds hand for heart rate calculation (6 colours available) 
  • Stethoscope with super soft silicone earpieces and dual head (bell and diaphragm)
  • Aneroid sphygmomanometer (Blood pressure cuff)
  • Convenient, great quality equipment/stethoscope case
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Affordable Basics kit:

What’s in this kit?


Silicone analogue fob watch (6 colours available)

  • Direct from Nurse Goodies (quality guaranteed*)
  • Health care professional fob watch
  • Critical second hand
  • 23mm diameter analogue watch face
  • Metal watch-casing
  • Flexible silicone housing
  • Easy to clean
  • Water resistant
  • Quartz movement
  • Attaches to uniform with twist-to-lock clip/ pin

” Nurse Goodies Guarantee: Something wrong with your purchase?  Bring it back with the receipt and we’ll exchange it.


Stethoscope with super soft silicone earpieces and dual head (bell and diaphragm)

  • Super soft [silicone] ear pieces (Better acoustics as fits ear more easily and no more sore ears!)
    • Most inexpensive stethoscopes have hard, unforgiving earpieces not ideal for good sound quality) 
  • Dual head – One side: Diaphragm and other side Bell.
  • Material: Metal & plastic
  • Colour: Black & silver

Aneroid sphygmomanometer (Blood pressure cuff)

  • Two-handed manual operation 
  • Perfect for novices and experts alike
  • Packs nicely into it’s own little case
  • ** Latex free**

Stethoscope case

  • Great quality stethoscope holder for all your clinical carrying needs.
  • Want a cool, functional place to keep your equipment and stethoscope?
  • Brand New
  • High quality
  • Material: Plastic
  • 2 Handy sections
  • Great quality 2 zip closure
  • Excellent sewing finish
  • 260mm (L) x 120mm (W) x 47mm (D)




Why it is best to purchase a less expensive stethoscope when you first start your course.

  1.  Finances might be limited.  Excellent stethoscopes cost >$100.  Basic stethoscopes are just fine for starting out.
  2. It takes time to tune your ear to the sounds you need to hear.  (Most stethoscopes will help you hear blood pressures, and ‘normal’ heart and lung sounds.   When you progress through your course, you’ll learn what adventitious sounds are and how to hear them better.
  3. You will most probably lose at least 1 stethoscope across your course.  Whether this be that you’ve misplaced it, or that it was purloined by a colleague (unfortunately, this is a reality, even among qualified health care professionals).

Additional information

Weight 700 kg
Watch colour

Black, White, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Red


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